A Few Words About Us

Our parent company, MARPENSA S.A. Has a solid 30+ years trajectory in engineering, road construction and soil testing,we have always valued our team’s creativity and desire for innovation in this field, but on April 16 of 2016, a devastating earthquake decimated our home town. Several buildings collapsed in darkness, taking hundreds of invaluable human lives in an instant, and when the dust settled, all that remained were our people’s determination to survive and rebuild.

In MARPENSA, we have always valued the human being above all, and after the events of 16A, we were left with a heavy wound in our hearts. Determined to do our part to help our people, we supported, we visited, we called and we spent, day and night figuring out the best ways to help as much people as we could.

As a part of our efforts, we’ve partnered with local producers to introduce their best products into the worldwide market, and we are committed to succeed, and to generate more jobs and better opportunities for the families around this mission.

Thus, MARPENSA TRADING was born, from our passion about our lands and our determination to help and elevate our people, from the farthest mountains, where the farmers tend to their crops, to the bluest seas, where our fishermen cast their nets. we take great pride in the quality and uniqueness of the fruits and products that our country offers, and we do our best to give a taste of our country to the world.


 Our Mission

Tobring Ecuadorian products into the international markets, to empower local producers and help them achieve better life opportunities, to create new jobs for those who need it the most.


Our Vision

We’ve set our sights high in a future where the world is aware of our country, as both, the source of delicious, high quality food products, and also, as a paradisiac destination for either tourists or businessmen.

Our Values

The human being, above all. Our staff, Our partners and all the people around us are our most important commodity. We value and take pride in the quality of our products and are committed to satisfying or clients needs.