Achieving Kosher Certification!

Achieving Kosher Certification!

Achieving Kosher Certification

It has always been one of our primary concerns to make sure everyone in the world can enjoy our delicious snacks. For that matter, we have worked to achieve Kosher Certification.

But what is Kosher?

Kosher is the term that refers to that which is allowed for consumption in accordance to “Kashrut”, the Jewish dietary law.

This alimentary laws are observed since thousands of years, and they stablish, among other regulations, permitted animal species, the food they should receive, ritual procedures of slaughter, organ review to ensure the absence of abnormalities, drainage of blood, non-permitted mixtures of certain types of food, ritual purification of utensils, as well as meticulous preparation and supervision procedures among many other regulations that have made Kosher products recognized by consumers as products of superior quality and purity.

And what is Parve?

Parve, or Pareve, is the name bestowed upon all foods that do not contain meats or dairy products, “neutral” foods. Fruits, grains and vegetables in their natural state are considered Kosher, as well as eggs, and fish with fins and scales.

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